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White House SDA Church belongs to the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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Daniel & Revelation Prophecy Seminar

Have you ever wondered what Daniel and Revelation have to say about the time we are living in? That is a deep dive into these most widely talked about books from the Bibles perspective not from conjecture or opinion! A systematic study on the Bible’s perspective from the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and how they are relevant TODAY. 

Adult Sabbath School Recorded Studies

View our past Adult Sabbath School classes following the SDA Adult Quarterly Study Guide.

Past Weekly Recorded Sermons

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God Led Bible School

Discover the joy of letting God lead your Scripture study. Whether you’re opening the Bible for the first time or the ten-thousandth time, you’ll unlock more with the God Led Bible School. Bible prophecy is meant to be understood. In fact, the Bible’s most famous prophetic book is called “Revelation” because it is a revealing of God’s plans! God Led Bible School’s first course Prophecies of Hope will give you the keys you need to unlock Bible prophecy and understand it for yourself.

RENEW Church Growth

RENEW is a living model for a thriving church fellowship that is focused on serving its community and growing in influence wherein every member is loving Jesus, studying the Bible, and sharing their faith. It’s a goal that can only happen through the “renewing of the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:5).

A healthy, vibrantly growing church has an identity based on God’s DNA – His church growth principles. Reflect – Does it take time to remember God’s past movements? Empower – Does it enable members to lead … by training other leaders? Nurture – Does it regularly grow committed disciples of Christ? Evangelize – Does it produce insightful learning opportunities for the community that create a compelling public presence? Witness – Does it continually teach every member how to win others to Christ creating a loving personal presence among their peers? RENEW. It’s God’s DNA for the identity of His church. Would you like your church to function like this? It can! Learn more at kytnrenew.net or email: renew@kytn.net.