Support Kayla's Missionary Work

One of our members, Kayla Whittaker, is following a call that God has placed on her heart to be a missionary in Bulgaria. Kayla has worked in Bulgaria during several self-funded mission trips over the years, but now she will be leaving for a two-year commitment to the people of the Roma community in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

She needs a little more help to complete her funding, so if you’re able to help, click one of the photos above or the link below.


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Our Mission & Vision

We are a church family of Seventh-day Adventist Christians GROWING in Biblical truth, SERVING the White House, TN community, PREPARING for Christ’s return. 

In the book of Acts it is clear as the Spirit of God lead His church; we are told the church, “Continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship,” Acts 2:42. What is God’s church without these two pillars? Spiritless! We in White House are committed to continuing just as we were taught in the beginning: Be true to Biblical Doctrine and in Fellowship with God and one another.