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Available Books

Available Books

Book 1

Demands on our time impact health, family, work, and most importantly, time with God. ‘Remember’ reveals God’s plan to ease the pressures of life to spiritually grow.

Book 2

Desmond’s incredible story from WWII, his faith, refusing to carry a gun, and never being unarmed without his Bible and prayer exemplifies a modern-day hero.

Book 3

John Bradshaw explores the Bible and discovers solid answers to some of life’s most challenging question. Is death final?

Book 4

Strong through faith, temptation kept Samson from his power Source. Repentance and surrender restored his strength and might through God.

Book 5

Natural Disasters! The biggest question: “Why?” Has Mother Nature haphazardly gone berserk?  Even non-religious media outlets have alluded that we have arrived at the Biblically foretold end of times.

Book 6

Satan wants us to think the dead are in Heaven, or believe in a secret rapture. The Bible is clear the dead in Christ will rise and meet Him and the living faithful will join. It will not be a secret!

Book 7

In a world where integrity is tested, Challenged: Christian Ethics in Life and Business will help you live in harmony with God’s standards for ethics and integrity in all relationships.

Book 8

A practical look at hell, a subject that has puzzled millions Understand hell biblically.  An easy to understand way to share with friends who are concerned about “everlasting hell.”

Book 9

My family was driving down northern California’s scenic Interstate Highway 101 among the towering redwoods when calamity struck like lightning from a clear blue sky.

Book 10

Grief is painful. What is grief, and how do we deal with it? What should you do when grief strikes close to home? Join John Bradshaw in a practical guide to moving from grief to hope.

Book 11

The Bible presents two options: eternal life, which is what we were originally supposed to have, and eternal death, which in a sense is merely going back to the nothingness we came from. 

Book 12

Book 12

Steve Wohlberg’s personal journey to escape insomnia, mind-altering medication, dark depression, and mental torture through the saving grace of God.

Book 13

What are the two beasts in Revelation 13? Can one possibly be the United States? Wolhberg compares the beasts with Daniel 7, and expresses a need for urgency in modern Christianity.

Book 14

Are you among the many who ponder one of life’s biggest questions? Why do bad things happen to good people? The question of ‘Theodicy’ explored as it it relates to modern trials.

Book 15

In this important book, Joe Crews exalts the work of sanctification in Christian life, giving  important advice on a Bible-based motive to stand up to every sin with the power of a positive “No!”

Book 16

 As you read this helpful book, you will be challenged to “Honor the Lord with your possessions.” (Proverbs 3:9.) The biblical principles of giving to God financially and God’s ROI. 

Book 17

Doug Bachelor explores the themes of the Bible that most speak to the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial beings, angels, and their interactions with man. Is the world’s “Alien” God’s “Angel”?

Book 18

What really happens when we die? Do we go straight to hell or heaven? And does it really matter what you believe about it? It does … and you need this book! Get the BIBLICAL answers to death. 

Book 19

Biblical evidence that Jesus lived His life on earth with a nature like ours. Is it possible for us to live without sin like Jesus did? Learn why you can have total hope in Jesus’ work of salvation for you!

Book 20

Born with a fallen nature, God gives us a choice about changing that nature. It is a personal, sovereign choice that no one can take away from us. This is the most important decision that any person faces during his lifetime.

Book 21

Can recognizing temptation be a sign of moral insight? Is there a purpose behind our temptations? What good can come from the presence of an opportunity to sin? Joe Crews has the answer.

Book 22

Massive confusion exists within Christian churches today about the coming “millennium.” It is a time when Christ reigns on earth after the second coming, or a time when the saints gather in heaven?

Book 23

Join Steve Wohlberg as he takes a journey into the scriptures to explore how the catholic lineage of the pope may be traced back to Peter.  Jesus may have designed the timeline of the popes himself.

Book 24

Steve Wohlberg’s newest pocketbook explains the truth about God’s infinite love, mercy, justice, and judgments now falling upon the world’s increasing wickedness.

Book 25

Most of us would agree that leading someone to Christ is the most important thing a true Christian can do. Read this book to find out it doesn’t take special talent to do this. See witnessing in a brand new way.

Book 26

Is there a God in heaven who generated that moral code in us? Are we accountable to Him? Will we one day stand in judgment before Him? Wouldn’t you want to know one way or the other before you pass ?

Book 27

Most everyone knows that death is a very real part of life. Author Steve Wohlberg makes it clear that he believes in spirits and shares from Scripture why he believes in such, and he also sheds light on their dark side. 

Book 28

In this booklet, diverse authors have mapped out the most coveted of positive, mental-health-building experiences. Rest, joy, peace, freedom – who doesn’t want more of those? 

Book 29

Does the Bible really say that sinners will burn in hell forever? Isn’t that quite unlike the loving God we know?  Find out what the Bible says about hell in this program hosted by John Bradshaw.

Book 30

God’s promises that will encourage you to expect God’s Word to do just what it says it will do, and that will help you experience God’s peace and power in your life. Biblical evidence for faith.

Book 31

Is it biblically permissible for a Christian to drink alcohol? If so, how much? Drinking occurs in the Bible, and it has multiple connotations. Not to mention health matters. This book touches on each factor. 

Book 32

There are many myths about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Was she divine? Is it proper to call her the “mother of God”? Was she sinless? Should we worship Mary or pray to her? Where is Mary now?


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